Lux Piave - Lampadari in Cristallo a Santa Lucia di Piave Treviso

By more than 30 years give light at projects and creations

that enhance the environment with style and elegance.

Company's purposes:
  • Do a selfproduction of all the most important phases of the production, in regard to the protection of the environment.
  • Be able to do every type of custom-bit job, combining aesthetics with functionality and security.
  • Custom advice and first-order service are normal for us.
Exactly for these reasons, a good part of our orders comes from long standing customers. Their good references draw us new clients. Satisfied customers are our best character.
«The ornament», writes the philosopher Immanuel Kant in the "Critique of Judgement", «makes objects perceptively attractive and diverts, putting away from the deep meaning of the being».
As the house is more and more felt like a refuge from an instable and violent world, the desire of balance is more and more pushy: beauty and armony are sought for. Precious forms and materials are preferred. A lamp could influence the environment more than any other piece of furniture. Especially in the evening, the lighting is the item that gives the first and determining eye shot.
In the subconscious we record and value. This is the reason why a lamp of ours, particularly if it is made of crystal, could make your house look like an alcove where you can feel, every day, like a queen.

Like our style? Come to find out.

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